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About Us

Who we are

Brigid Kennedy is a French Wine Scholar, who wants you to know and love it too – but not just for the French factor. Our aim is to help you build lifelong know-how about French wine that you can apply to any wines you like. 

Useful life skills for learning about any wine

 This project began when I was living in France enjoying the essentials of French culture, mostly wine and food. After  years in hospitality, wine tourism, doing tastings and wine courses – I thought I knew wine. And yet, whilst studying  the French Wine Scholarship course I discovered my many gaps (quel horreur!) The upside was that taking time to fill the gaps, my understanding went from patchy to well understood essentials that gave me confidence to move past favourites sometimes, and make more interesting wine choices. Much more fun!

 I realised many of us hand over decisions about wine because we’re not confident in our wine know how, so we stick with a few favourites, mostly because we don’t want to make a bad choice. 

You don’t want to be told what to drink ( neither do we) and you likely have a learning style that works for you. We focus on foundations, through French wine regions. You can learn through online courses, at tastings or visiting a region.   

You can now enjoy virtual wine events for each french wine region.

  Tours will take you (in future) to benchmark wineries that show you typical regional styles, best of and unique wines. You may only visit these regions once, so it needs to be special. They are big, small, biodynamic, organic, traditional, new and famous too. We stay in comfortable hotels we know well and eat in local favourite restaurants. We also factor in some ‘must do’ local experiences, walking or bike riding too.


Enjoyment and appreciation of quality wine is not just for wine buffs,

it's for anyone who enjoys wine.


We believe that learning through stories, experiences and immersive education heightens your enjoyment and knowledge of wine.

It should be interesting, fun and useful, giving you confidence in your wine choices.

French wine doesn’t have to be expensive but it helps to know how to pick a good one.

The French have set the benchmark for wine and their stories bring life to learning about wine.

Focusing on each region one by one, you begin to understand that magic happens well before the wine is poured into your glass.

Our wine education is from a French perspective. Learning about these famous regions will inspire you to look at other wine regions with fresh eyes, nose and taste buds.

Why French Wine?

French wine is continually reaching the heights in quality, and is the benchmark for wine styles Internationally.

Knowing French wine from its roots gives you the foundations and puts into context the Old World (mostly Europe) to the New World (Australia, NZ, South Africa & South America) for many of the world’s most popular grapes