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About Us


Brigid Kennedy


French Wine Scholar (Wine Scholar Guild)

WSET Level 3 (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) 

I put off learning about wine as it didn’t seem necessary as I already enjoyed it. Once started though, I realised how much better the whole wine experience was.

Visiting wineries, wine events, checking out bottle shops, and ordering wine became much more fun. Learning to ask better questions – getting more interesting answers and better wine was a bonus. 

I wish the same for you

Our Story

This project began when I was living in France enjoying the essentials of French culture. For me that was wine and food.

After years of working in hospitality & tourism, and an unswerving interest in wine, I shifted to wine tourism.

Having decided to focus on French wine tours, I studied for the French Wine Scholarship to build on my wine know-how.

And surprise! There were gaps in my education.

To become a French Wine Scholar meant knowing foundations, and wine regions as a whole. 

Understanding ‘place’ within regions, taught me a whole lot more before even tasting wine. All wine tastes the better for knowing it.

My understanding finally went from patchy to competent (always more to learn!).

In 2021, my COVID ‘home project’ was completing the WSET 3 of world wines, which really helped me appreciate & compare wines all over the world.

Most important was learning that all wine tastes better when you learn some of the wine language and appreciate what you’re tasting.

How you do that is up to you. I recommend a mix of more questions every time you buy a bottle, taste, or travel to a different wine region.

We would love to help you on your wine journey. Santé!