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About Us


Brigid Kennedy


French Wine Scholar  (Wine Scholar Guild)

WSET Level 3  (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) 

I put off learning about wine – way too long. Once started though, difficult to stop. 

Visiting wineries, wine events, checking out bottle shops and ordering wine became much more fun. Learning to ask better questions – getting more interesting answers and better wine was a bonus. 

I wish the same for you!

Our Story

This project began when I was living in France enjoying the essentials of French culture. For me that was wine and food.

After years of working in hospitality & tourism, and an unswerving interest in wine, my calling shifted to wine tourism.

Having decided to focus on French wine tours, I started the French Wine Scholarship to build on my wine know-how.

And yes, there were gaps in my education.

To become a French Wine Scholar meant knowing foundations, and wine regions as a whole. Things like viticulture, climate, soils, grapes, ‘terroir’ and wine laws.

Understanding ‘place,’ and regions as a whole, taught me more before even tasting wine. All wine tastes the better for knowing it.

My understanding finally went from patchy to competent ( always more to learn!).

In 2021 my COVID ‘home project’ was completing the WSET 3 of world wines, which not only alleviated ‘stuck at home’ boredom, it really helped me appreciate & compare wines all over the world.

Most important was learning that all wine tastes better when you learn a bit of the wine language and appreciate what you’re tasting.

How you do that is up to you. I recommend a mix of more questions every time you buy a bottle, taste, or travel to a different wine region.

We would love to help you on your wine journey.  Sante!