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Bordeaux wine Masterclass 4th August

In the wine world, Bordeaux is royalty

Often considered the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux is renowned for famous and age-worthy  blends of  Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot grapes. 

Learn what’s special about the left & right bank, how to decipher wine labels and taste your way through benchmark wines.

Learn & taste with experts

Brigid Kennedy   French Wine Scholar and Director of French Wine School



Event:          Bordeaux virtual Masterclass August 4th

Location:      Zoomvirtual

Time:             6:30pm – 8:00pm 

Price:             $25 per person (Zoom access)

                       $ coming soon wine pack (optional)


                       Guided tasting of 5 benchmark wines.

                       Mini-guide to Bordeaux & wine map                   

Optional:      Wine pack sent to your door or choose                                    own bordeaux blend. 

I thought I knew about wine, but have enjoyed and learnt so much more from the tastings of FWS. A great mix of education and fun!

Julia H

French Wine School tastings have been a life saver in locked-down Victoria 2020. The attractive visual format enabled friends and family to come together and the presentations expanded our palates and understanding of French wine regions and varieties. We felt like we had taken a brief holiday in Burgundy, Champagne and Provence. A total delight.

Carolyn C

Really enjoyed the virtual tasting. It was a good introduction to wines I haven’t had before. Great selection of wines. The background information was good for providing context to enhance the tasting. Looking forward to the next one.

Minnie R

What you'll learn

  • The important differences between left and right bank wine styles
  • How soils prescribe the blend. Most significant being Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot.
  • How the appellation system of France works in Bordeaux, along with original classification systems. (this helps you interpret wine labels and quality)
  • How a Bordeaux blend from Bordeaux differs from Bordeaux blends across the world 
  • Taste benchmark wines from this famous region
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Premium Wines Coming Soon ...

Is this masterclass for you?

You love Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.  Bordeaux is the benchmark for these varieties, so you get to taste benchmark examples.  

You want to learn about blends. Learn why grapes are blended in Bordeaux & what each adds to the blend. This will help your undestanding of other regions and blends. 

You are new to French wine. Understanding Bordeaux gives you a good framework for understanding the main influencers on all wines in France. 

You already know Bordeaux wines. You will likely taste wines you haven’t tried before and add more to your wine know-how

You are a student of wine. Knowing Bordeaux is essential to all wine students, and learning and tasting with experts will add greatly to your wine knowledge. 

Ready to join in?

We hope so. You may also experience the following

Less overwhelm at the bottle shop buying French wine 

Confidence to take on the sommelier with your clever wine questions. 

Reduced stress when picking a special wine for your wine buff friend.

And picking more French wine because you can read a label (and know how good it is).

Book Bordeaux Masterclass

To access tasting experience on Zoom, register below. You will receive a confirmation of purchase shortly and closer to tasting date, details of Zoom log in, and other resources. 

Step 1. Book Bordeaux Virtual Masterclass ($25 per person) 

2. Buy wine pack 

Notes: Wine pack is  optional. Recommend you taste with at least 2 wines, if the full pack is not for you.  You can still learn and enjoy tasting with your own favourite Bordeaux style.

*Try Repour wine savers.  They work & keeps wine fresh for weeks. Ideal if only 1 or 2 of you tasting & you want to try all the wine Add FWS5 in coupon box for 5% off.

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