Do you pick wine like you’re betting on the Melbourne Cup? - French Wine School

Do you pick wine like you’re betting on the Melbourne Cup?

I enjoy a bet on the Melbourne Cup.

Getting all dressed up, drinking over-priced champagne with friends and working out bets for the day. Hoping for at least one sure thing, I’d cut my losses. A fun day in all.

Lined up at the TAB with tips sorted from my horse whisperer friend, we pass the time eavesdropping on the flashy man with wads of cash in front of me. He seems to know what he’s doing. At last it’s my turn to hand over the money and at the last second, I change my bets to follow Mr Flashy, as surely, he knows more than me?

What’s that got to do with wine? 

Just because Mr Flashy spent hundreds on a bet, doesn’t mean his choice was better informed, it only means he has more money to spend.

I remember years back, thinking nearly everyone knew more about wine than me. I’d leave the wine choice to a sister, friend, wine shop attendant, or the bloke next to me at the bar. Anyone who I heard speak wine jargon, I would consider more capable than me. I wasn’t a novice, but I knew I had gaps which stopped me branching out with choices. Plus, it was someone else’s fault if I didn’t like it, (I reasoned!)

I went on to complete the French Wine Scholarship and other wine studies in recent years, but not with the intention of working professionally in wine, but to help people (like me) who enjoy making their own decisions, find their confidence to make more interesting wine choices, without handing over to someone ‘who knows more’.

What have I learnt?

You don’t need to be an expert, but knowing the foundations of what interests you, gives you a lot of satisfaction and sets you up to make better choices all round.

*Pity I haven’t learnt my lesson with the races though. Still pondering the great wines, I could have had with the money I lost!

Are you ready to start taking control of your wine choices and enjoy every sip?

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