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Events & Tastings

The best part about French wine is tasting it for yourself.

What’s learning about French wine, without experiencing it for yourself? Gather with friends (or new virtual ones) and put your wine knowledge into practice at our tastings by region.

Learn how to taste and compare wines

Haven’t been to a tasting before? Perfect! Your guide will take you through the steps of tasting wine so you’ll feel comfortable and ready to explore the complexities of each wine.

You will also be able to compare the same varieties grown in other parts of the world, so you can taste the differences you learn about.

Have fun and make new friends

Wine is best shared between friends, and new ones!

Our wine events are relaxed and fun, so you never feel awkward about not knowing something. In fact, we encourage you to jump in to the experience, and ask questions, especially if you are new to learning about wine!

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Private events catered to your level of experience

Would you prefer a customised or private tasting?

We understand that everyone has different levels of knowledge about wine, so we cater your private event to suit each level.  

These are a few theme ideas we can create for you:

  • Comparison with old world & new world wines
  • One grape variety expressed around the world
  • How to taste wine for beginners
  • A focus on famous French red or white varieties
  • Deep dive into champagne blends
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Get the most out of a tasting experience by not always tasting.

Learn the foundations in an online course, then fully commit to the tasting without the distraction of learning foundations at the same time. The tastings are complemented by online courses and travel experiences, so you can get the full immersion with French wine.

Join us for a virtual tasting! 

Wednesday 6-730pm (Sydney time) 17th June, 2020.

Our first tasting will be a focus on the Rhone Valley, and French Wine School’s Brigid Kennedy will co-host with Master of Wine  Andrea Pritzker.

We are thrilled about this collaboration, and between us can guarantee you will learn something new and taste some excellent examples of wine from the region.  

You can expect a background of what’s important about the Rhône Valley and taste benchmark examples of the wine. Here’s some topics that will be covered;

  • Backstory of the region and the French wine laws that started in the Rhône.
  • What influences the flavours in wine and what’s particular in Rhône Valley varieties.
  • How to pick up scents and aromas in wine and other tasting tips
  • The main varieties in the Rhône Valley and how the North and South differ 
  • Comparison of the same wine styles in Australia plus tips on buying well. 

We have carefully selected these to give you benchmark wines that showcases diversity (and deliciousness!).  We recommend the easy option of  6 bottle selection and have delivered to your door, but you could also try local bottle shops or just look for 1 or 2 examples. 


Grape Varieties

Cave de Tain Marsanne 2018 VdP Collines Rhodaniennes


Yves Cuilleron la vignes d’a Coté Viognier 2018 VdP


Giles Robin Crozes-Hermitage 2013 (375 ml)


Cuilleron St Joseph Les Pierres sèches Syrah 2017 (375ml)


Chapoutier Côtes du Rhône ‘Belleruche’ 2017

Grenache Blend

Chateau Mont-Redon Châteauneuf-du-Pape rouge 2016 (375 ml) Southern Rhone Valley

Grenache Blend

Tasting event on June 17 2020 from 6 – 730pm .  

If you’d like to join us  book my tasting to reserve your spot 


Wine Tasting $15.00 ( as many as you like at a safe distance!) 

Wine Purchase $198 (inclusive of delivery in Sydney) 6 wine pack  

Purchase wine here          Book my tasting here 

Have more questions? Get in contact with us, we'd love to answer any questions you have.

Rhone Valley will be our first tasting event on June 17th. Would you like to join us?

We are still in the planning stages for other regions, so let us know of any others that interest you and will let you know when we have dates set.

In preparation for the tasting, you can download our tasting guide if you haven't already, and have a fun practise at home.

After the tasting, consider consolidating your knowledge by learning about the region in our online courses. This allows you to get even more out of tastings in future, and you can just focus on what you experience in the glass.

That said, you'll get a lot out of only doing the tasting, so enjoy!

Provence Online Course

What you’ll get:
  • Learn about how the well-loved Rosé was created in Provence
  • Build a solid foundation of knowledge about wine in Provence
  • Receive access to the course for 1 year
  • Join the FWS Facebook group for community support & events
  • Access exclusive learning resources, and other downloadables


Interested in attending our first Provence wine tasting?

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