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provence: The online course

Discover the seaside wine region of Provence.

why learn about provence?

Knowing Provence from its roots will accelerate your understanding of wine more than just Provence. You will appreciate differences in style and know more about why you like certain wines more than others. You will (probably) want to visit Provence.


Provence Online Course

What you’ll get:

Our Provence course is now live!  Sign up below and become a wine guru of Provence and Rosé.

Why learn about Provence?

Learn what makes Provence unique Explore Provence’s wine regions and their unique qualities, so you can develop a solid foundational knowledge 

Become more confident in your wine choices you’ll begin to notice patterns in your own choices and be better informed when browsing a wine list or aisle.

Be prepared for your next visit to Provence Knowing the history and unique stories of the place you are travelling to makes you appreciate the culture in a whole new way. 

Course details

What you'll learn

module 1


Learn about the fascinating history that has shaped the region to what it is today.  Knowing the history enables you to understand the evolution of Provence’s many grapes. You will also explore how each of the significant eras helped form Provence.

module 2


From mountains to the Mediterranean. Explore the intricate dynamics of the land, climate and topography and understand the unique expression of grapes in each area. Not all grapes suit every location.

module 3

Grape Varieties

Provence has a rich grape legacy. Thanks to the ‘via Domitia’ trading route connecting Italy & Spain via Provence, many things in Provence were exchanged, including grapevines. There are indigenous, South of France, Mediterranean varieties plus many more. No surprise that winemaking traditions are characterized by elaborate blending formulas.


module 4

Vineyard to the Cellar

Appreciation of the wine is not complete without understanding how the grapes are grown, harvested and made into wine. Learn about the winemaking, the Provencal harvest, and the different ways to make Rosé.

module 5

AOC/Ps - the French wine system

Understand the French system of classification of wines based on origin and quality, rather than on grape variety as many New World Countries do.

Know this and you’ll unlock the mystery that is reading French wine labels and buying French wine! 

module 6

Experience Provence

This chapter rounds out your knowledge of Provence wine with food, wine and culture together. We look at traditional and contemporary food to try with the wine and look at unique bottles of Provence.

module 7

Conclusions & Quiz

Check your knowledge with quizzes and games that are not just fun, they’ll help cement everything you’ve learnt so you can get the most of out the course.

Beyond the course

Extra Resources

Your learning doesn’t just stop once you’ve completed the course – get access to exclusive resources that will help you in your learning experience.

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Provence Online Course

What you’ll get:

Our Provence course is now live!  Sign up below and become a wine guru of Provence and Rosé.