What we do - French Wine School

We create immersive French wine experiences

Learn and experience the mystery of French wine through our online courses, tastings and travel packages. 

Interactive Online Courses

Our online courses have all the good stuff about French Wine, but in a highly interactive setup, so you’ll actually learn and have fun while doing it!

Immersive Events & Wine Tastings

What’s learning about French wine, without experiencing it for yourself? Gather with friends (or meet new ones) and put your wine knowledge into practice at our tastings by region.

Each tasting focuses on one region, giving you an in-depth experience so you can fully appreciate the uniqueness of each French wine region.

Curated Travel Experiences

Experience France’s premium wine regions for yourself with our customised tours and travel packages. 

Meet the winemakers, hike through some of France’s most unique landscapes and immerse yourself in French culture.

We believe that learning through stories, experiences and immersive education deepens your enjoyment, knowledge and confidence.