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What’s the resources tab?


Maybe you’re done drinking ‘too much’ wine and interested in looking for quality, or maybe you’ve been done with that for awhile but you haven’t fully been able to grasp what wine is all about. You may feel like your knowledge is a little disjointed. You’ve been to a few tastings, visited a winery, and done homework on the wine you bring to dinner parties. While these are all great starts and provide context for learning more, they unfortunately won’t make you feel like an expert. So where do you begin? How do you conquer it all and become truly wine savvy?


Start with History

Start at the beginning and dive deep into the history of wine. It’s fascinating and allows you to understand how it all came to be, ultimately giving you a greater appreciation for it. Fortunately in this modern world, you don’t need to visit to learn. There is plenty of information online about the story of how wine came to be and how it’s morphed into what it is today. 


Choose one Place

There are endless regions, grapes, and styles of wine, learning them all at once is simply not possible and it won’t help you build a solid foundation. Choose one wine region and focus on understanding it from the ground up. Where did their vines come from? What grapes grow best in the region? What is the climate like? What style of wine do they produce the highest amount of? Why is that? Focusing on one region allows you to get to the nitty gritty. It’s proven that you learn and remember more when the brain can focus on just one thing at a time.


Take a Course (without tasting!)

It may seem like booking a tasting or visit to a winery is the best way to learn about wine but it’s actually full of distractions. The setting and the alcohol (even in small amounts) doesn’t assist you in retaining information and sometimes the social side of things can get in the way of learning. We recommend taking a wine course. This gives you the luxury of going at your own pace, writing down notes, and asking questions. The knowledge you gain on an online or in-person course will set you up so that the next time you are at a tasting or winery, you can fully participate and ask even better questions.


Give Yourself Time

Giving yourself the time to fully explore the history of wine and choose one specific region is the trick to successfully gaining confidence in wines across the world. Once you take a course that deepens your knowledge even more, you’ll be ready to use what you’ve learned and compare wines from all over. Does the Old World have different practices to the New World? Are wines with similar climates producing similar wines? How do the labels and bottles differ place to place? You will be able to find the answers to these questions once you allow the time to become an expert.


 At French Wine School, we design our courses for your optimal learning potential. We take you region by region throughout France, starting with history and covering geography, grapes, wine-making methods, and wine systems throughout France and Europe. We believe in teaching from the French perspective as France is the historical birthplace of wine and is the benchmark for wine quality internationally. 


Our courses are all online so you can stop and start whenever you please from wherever you please! For more information on our available courses, click here