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Events & Tastings

The best part about French wine is tasting it for yourself.

What’s learning about French wine, without experiencing it for yourself? Gather with friends (or virtual ones presently) and put your wine knowledge into practice at our tastings by region.

Upcoming virtual tastings not to miss!

Languedoc-Roussillon Masterclass

The largest wine-growing region in France, with a sunny climate, and diverse grape varieties and delicious wines. Thursday May 5th , 2022

Customised Events

Are you looking for ways to bring your team together, that is a mix of fun and learning about wine that everyone loves? Or doing something different with friends. You can choose your own favourites or we can do it all for you. You can have a live event in Sydney or virtual anywhere. Contact us to find out more


Not sure where to start learning about wine? Join our French Foundations course.

What you’ll learn

  • A little history on wine in the world and France in particular
  • The 6 most important grapes in France and the World
  • What “terroir” is in France and why it’s important in the world of wine
  • How wine is made & why it matters
  • How to read a wine label
  • How to see, smell, and taste wine to get the best experience
  • Picking wines with confidence- from the wine shop, restaurant to your next party
  • Articulating what you like and don’t like with confidence
  • How to pair wine and food

More details coming soon.

*we guarantee wine ordered 10 days in advance will be received  in time for the tasting. If you have not received your wine in time, we will offer you an additional class within the next month OR free access to a different class in future.

Have more questions? Get in contact with us, we'd love to answer anything you'd like. to know. Especially wine questions.

Missed these events?

We have them again in 2022! Register your interest and we’ll make sure you don’t miss them.

Loire Valley

Explore the grapes of the famous Loire Valley, home to the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Provence & Rosè

Understand Rosé blends
from the only region in the world
to focus on Rosé.

Rhone Valley

Like walking through the sunny vineyards of the Rhône, home of Shiraz grape and GSM blends.

An in-depth experience of each region

Our French wine events are designed around each wine region as each is unique.

A regional wine tasting experience will take you through the fascinating history that led to the grapes & wine styles which each region is legendary for. Along the way you will learn about the terroir, climate and unique conditions, the AOP system and most importantly, you’ll get to taste handpicked benchmark wines.

Learn how to taste and compare wines

Haven’t been to a tasting before? Perfect! Your guide will take you through the steps of tasting wine so you’ll feel comfortable and ready to explore the complexities of each wine.

You will get useful suggestions to try for the same varieties grown in other parts of the world, so you can compare with your nearest local varieties

Have fun and make new friends

Wine is best shared between friends, old and new ones.

Events are relaxed and fun, so you never feel awkward about not knowing something.

Jump in to the experience and ask questions, especially if you are new to learning about wine. 

saint tropez

Connect with friends over your favourite grape varieties

Would you prefer a customised or private tasting?

Your private event can suit whatever level of wine knowledge you want. Great for birthday celebrations, club get togethers or just some fun in lock down!  

These are a few ideas we can create for you:

  • Comparison with old world & new world wines
  • One grape variety expressed around the world
  • How to taste wine for beginners
  • A focus on famous French red or white varieties
  • Deep dive into champagne blends
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Get the most out of a tasting experience by not only tasting.

Learn the foundations in an online course, then fully commit to the tasting without the distraction of trying to take in the foundations at the same time. The tastings are complemented by online courses and travel experiences, so you can get the full immersion with French wine.

In preparation for the tasting, you can download our tasting guide if you haven't already, and have a fun practise at home.

After the tasting, consolidate your knowledge by learning about the region in our online courses. This allows you to get even more out of tastings in future, and just focus on your experience in the glass.

That said, you'll get a lot out of only doing the tasting, so enjoy!