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Are you attracting wine enthusiasts who travel?

Research shows world wine consumption is increasing alongside the growing demand for wine travel experiences, yet many quality tourism companies are yet to tap into this rapidly growing market.

You may be challenged with limited time and resources for developing your own programs, especially catching up after covid. Or perhaps you’ve opted for generic wine programs? 

That works well in the short term, but likely means missing out on the cult, cutting-edge or boutique wine experiences: the memorable ones that customers brag about when they get home.

Wine experiences have potential to be a part of every travel journey

Through years of experience within the wine, tourism and hospitality sectors, we understand how to work with benchmark wineries (even those that haven’t done wine tourism before!) and create experiences your customers will want, wherever in the world.

If there’s a wine region nearby, it’s doable.

Win new wine-loving travellers with your wine know-how

Done-for-you, done-with-you, or do-it-yourself: you can have programs tailored for your unique customers, as well as training to prepare your team for all scenarios.

Focused & fun in-person and online training  will ensure your team understands the essentials of wine tourism, (whether personally fans or not) and help you get familiar with and how to answer common consumer questions. 

You will learn what wine experiences people want and common wine language – without years of training. Your customers will be reassured they are in experienced hands.

Already have wine tour programs?

Excellent. Let them stand out even more to potential new customers.

Evaluating your existing programs is a great way to reveal untapped opportunities as we make suggestions on how to better tailor your travel experiences towards real wine enthusiasts, not just those looking for a day out.

Fast-track your learning by learning only what you need

We strive to make wine education, simple, fast, and consumable. This means you can:

  • Learn what you need with jargon-free training in world wines and wine tourism
  • Learn how to respond quickly to customers looking for special wine experiences
  • Get better value from industry partners, benchmark wineries, and on-the-ground specialists
  • Access ongoing support from our team of experts who understand both travel and wine
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors who access the same off-the-shelf wine programs

Stand out from the crowd: your future wine tours will be uniquely yours

Having customised wine tourism programs gives you the edge over competitors who access the same recognisable off-the-shelf programs. These general programs are designed to target the masses and often lack the specificity to address the unique wants and needs of your customers.

You benefit from our credentials in French and world wines

Throughout the years, we have done the work and fun in learning the ins and outs of wine education and wine tourism, and would love to partner with you to help your business expand into these rewarding markets. 

Flexible agreements

Let us get you started and we can provide support for as long as you need us.

Ready to take the next steps?

Let’s talk soon!

We only work with select companies and ensure we are are not working with your direct competitors. Please contact us below to discuss how this could work for you.

Brigid Kennedy
+61 414 475938

Director of French Wine School
French Wine Scholar  (Wine Scholar Guild)
WSET Level 3  (Wine & Spirit Education Trust)
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